At the foot of the Pyrenees. Our values, our origins.



We make it a point of honor to consistently offer the best products with full transparency of origin and to implement means that contribute to food safety. 


We are committed to a sustainable business approach with clearly established operating rules as a basis in total transparency with our customer and producer partners 


We put respect at the center of our activity: We are committed to preserving the land that feeds us, to respecting the people who cultivate it and to respecting the passion that drives you.

Our roots

Originating from the meeting of a family of gardeners and craftsmen, our elders have passed on to us the requirement of FRESH, GOOD, HEALTHY products.

They also gave us the taste of tomorrow, the curiosity that pushes us to seek new flavors, new techniques.


Pézilla-la-rivière – Mars 1960 – La Dépêche du Midi