From the field to your customer’s plate – Choose us


A bespoke service

LISTENING TO YOU: We listen to your needs, your expectations, we build with you an offer tailored to the requirements of your business.

Long standing experience

ADVISE YOU: Our knowledge of the products, terroirs and markets enables us to offer you the offer best suited to your needs and expectations.

Commitment to quality

TO COMPLY WITH YOU: Our expertise in Bio, our knowledge of the field and the process allows us to SECURE YOU from the field to the plate.

Our product and market expertise

A rich analysis based on 30 years of experience at the service of producers, customers and consumers.

30 years of meetings in production, with favourites:

Chasselas from Moissac, melon from Haute Provence, avocados from the Grenada region.

30 years of negotiation and marketing.

From the Rungis wholesale market, the production markets of Moissac and Chateaurenard, and the international market of St Charles.

Our commitment


Proximity between producers and customers, for a durable commercial relationship.


The selection of products and their yearly timing.

Food safety

Traceability and total transparency.

We are at your side to participate and succeed in the ecological transition while striving to meet the requirements of your business. We are your partner for a sustainable agriculture in a long term business relationship.

Source: APREL-St Remy de Provence

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